Tags: Zionism

Andy and the Shadows

The son of two Holocaust survivors, the engaged Andy Glickstein feels he doesn’t deserve to get married since he hasn’t suffered enough in his life. Andy’s incessant search for his duende—the Spanish expression of soulfulness and tragic ecstasy—compels him to film a movie detailing his mother’s experiences and his father’s Zionist heroism.

Tscherly KaTscherly [צ’ארלי קאצ’רלי]

Tscherly KaTscherly is a character from a children’s rhyme. He is the ultimate “Tsabar” (“Sabra,” the Zionist ideal, Israeli born, through and through “New Jew”). The play is divided into short scenes and songs, a structure once popular in the Zionist’s settlements (similar to a review). The actors portray Tscherly KaTscherly, and parts of the scenes deal with Holocaust issues, such as a camp prisoner, a Nazi officer, etc. The stage is set with three rows of chairs designed to look like a trial scene.